• Why Prevent Algae Growth on Your Roof

    May 25, 2017 | Blog
  • An alga is a black or green thin coating or streaking which is often found on asphalt or wood roofs. It is airborne and predominantly seen in warmer, more humid environments such like the South Eastern Regions. Alga is more common in shaded, damp and cool communities. It holds the moisture onto the roof shingles; thereby, reducing the roof life. This will lead to an unplanned roof replacement in St. Simons Island Georgia. 

    On any asphalt or wood shingles, this standing water deteriorates the shingles faster. Blue-green algae are the most common that grow on roofing shingles. Algae are mostly cosmetic concern as you run a greater risk trying to remove them. You can easily notice them on your roof through the black streaks they create on it. Their spores are usually spread across rooftops by animals and the wind. 

    Why should I prevent algae growth on my roof shingles? 

    You might be wondering if at all there is any reason to be worried if you notice algae growth on your roof. Well, here are two important reasons for you to do everything possible to prevent algae growing on your roof. 

    Discoloration and unappealing roof 

    Although algae do not usually have any short term damaging impacts of roof shingles, they badly affects their appearance. They taint their beauty by creating black streaks and discoloration that can look unappealing. While they might not destroy your roof shingles, they are not desirable either. A beautiful rooftop is the dream of every house owner; hence, you might be forced to have roof repair in St. Simons Island Georgia due to presence of algae. This is exactly what algae dent and why you also need to prevent their growth on your roof shingles by all means. 

    Long term damage  

    While algae might not in the short period cause any particular damage to your roof, this is not the case in the long term. Accumulation of algae on your roof over an extended period will inadvertently destroy the shingles; thereby, necessitating roof repair in St. Simons Island Georgia. They can cause corrosion and other similar effects. Furthermore, it is better to prevent algae growth on your roof than looking for a way to get rid of them after getting grounded. This is because the scrubbing and power washing reduces the granules on the shingles; thus, reducing the life of your roofing system. All these and much more are the long-term damaging impacts of algae growth and accumulation on your rooftop can cause. 

    How do i prevent algae growth on my rooftop 

    Expectedly, at this point, you should be worrying about the ways to prevent algae growth on your roof since preventing it is better than looking for ways to get rid of them. 

    Regular maintenance  

    Make sure that your roof is maintained at least twice in a year. This is the first and most potent way to prevent algae from growing on your roof shingles. Regular maintenance will help you in avoiding roof replacement in St. Simons Island Georgia. 

    Algae resistant shingles 

    These days, manufacturers are now making special shingles made with algaecides and fungicides used to resist algae growth. They deter the growth of algae for a reasonably long period. 

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