• Gutters

  • Gutter install and repair in Northern Kentucky. Harmeyer Roofing & Construction installs a wide variety of gutter colors & styles. We offer 5 or 6 inch seamless, aluminum gutters, cut on site by our experienced install crews. Harmeyer Roofing & Construction is committed to superior installation services and a one day service commitment on most homes.

  • Uncovered gutters can lead to several maintenance issues, including ice dams in the winter.  Your gutter system should direct and control water loads from all sources, such as heavy storms or melting snow and ice, to prevent overflows in front or behind your gutters that cause damage to your home and property.

  • Best Northern Kentucky Gutter Company.

    A representative from Harmeyer Roofing & Construction will come to your home, assess the exterior, and recommend the best system to protect your home.  There are many factors that determine the best system for your protection.  Simply ask one of our knowledgeable representatives to help you better understand the different systems and how they function.

  • If your property has a lot of trees close by, we can provide oversized downspouts. We offer more than 20 colors to choose from to compliment your brick or siding, and our seamless aluminum gutters are custom fit right at your home. We offer both 5” gutters as well as 6” oversized gutters

  • The key to proper drainage all starts with an efficient gutter system.

    Gutters not only move rainwater away from your home, they also protect your shrubs and keep your head dry and protected from rolling water as you walk below. Attractive gutters help your home appear more elegant and cared for. Our seamless aluminum gutters are rust free, and virtually maintenance free. The finish is baked, which means no more peeling and cracking to tend to.