• Storm Damage

  • You invest money in your Northern Kentucky home to make it just the way you want it.  A trustworthy roof over your head is essential to protecting your home.  If you have experienced recent storm damage, your roof may have lost some points in protection capabilities.  As a homeowner, there is a silver lining.  Most Insurance companies will pay for a roof to be replaced after storm damage.


    Harmeyer Roofing consultants will send a certified estimator to your home for inspection. If damage is found, we work directly with the Insurance carrier on behalf of the homeowner. Your new roof is negotiated on the spot. Your job is easy; pick your shingles & color & we take care of the rest. We genuinely respect something very important…your time.


    It is important to know that when it comes to storm damage, your insurance company only allots a specific amount of time to have the damage repaired.  Most Insurance companies prefer to send an adjuster out & pay the homeowner for “repairs”.  Often, these repairs are a temporary fix & will not alleviate the major underlying problems that can cause damage long term.


    * Homeowner experiences storm damage.

    * Homeowner contacts Harmeyer Roofing

    * A Roofing Consultant visits your home to meet with you and answer any questions.

    * A Trained Inspector determines the condition of your roof, and discusses any damage / repair needed. Harmeyer Roofing contacts your insurance company and sets a meeting with your adjuster.

    * Your roof is negotiated on the spot, and we can begin the process right away to choose your new roof and complete the necessary paperwork for your claim.

    * Once your new roof is installed, a field supervisor will survey the work to ensure excellence and satisfaction, and answer any additional questions you may have.

    Remember, you are responsible ONLY for your deductible and any upgrades out of pocket. There will be no other hidden charges. We work with your insurance company to arrive at the agreed-upon price based upon your scope of damages and that this is the final price for your new roof.

    Upon completion, your insurance company will release any remaining funds. Once these funds are collected from Harmeyer Roofing, we will release the manufacturer warranty. All you have left to do is enjoy the new look of your home!


    Below is a list of insurance companies with links to each claim page.  By clicking on the insurance company’s respective link you may file an insurance claim.  We work with many additional Insurance Companies.  Please CONTACT US directly for more information if your carrier is not listed.